As I read Exodus 38, I felt that it’s kind of a boring chapter about the details of building the altar and other aspects of the tabernacle. Chapters 36-38 are all about building the tabernacle and furnishings, the ark of the covenant, the altars, etc. It would be kind of a “yawn” for a non-craftsman such as myself, but when you think about it, the actual craftsman in charge of all of this work (Bezalel, Oholiab, and the rest) didn’t have anything to copy and they didn’t have Home Depot or Carhartt’s or Joann’s to run to for supplies. They made their own supplies! Not to mention the fact that the people were happy to contribute precious metals, fabrics, and other items that would be repurposed for the project.

The point is that God had a PLAN, and a PURPOSE, and a VISION. And He shared the plan, purpose, and vision with those who would be in charge of accomplishing the project and the tabernacle was built! God gifted the craftsmen and provided materials and equipped every leader, worker, and helper to complete the project.

This is how the tabernacle of the Lord was built – and it’s how every project of God is built. New Heart Network is a project of God’s – for HIS purposes! Every leader, worker, and helper is equipped and gifted according to HIS plan and vision. God has shared the vision. He never leaves anything to random chance – especially when it comes to something HE thinks up!

Now ask yourself this: Where do YOU fit in? Are you called to be a leader, a worker, a helper? Has God shared a vision with you? Are you equipped and gifted? Don’t hold back! God has the plan. Trust and obey because YOU are a project of God’s – made for HIS purposes