Zechariah 3 is about the cleansing for the high priest. The high priest, Jeshua, is standing before the Accuser, Satan, and the angel of the Lord. The Accuser makes his accusations, which are all true, but the Lord rejects his accusations (v.2), and rebukes Satan. Jeshua represents Israel, or God’s people.

The Lord says, “This man is like a burning stick that has been snatched from the fire.” What I think this looks like is a stick charred (stained from sin) on one end, and held (by the Lord) on the other. Verses 3-5 show that the Lord redresses him in clean clothes and a clean turban. And then gives him authority (vv. 6-7). In verse 8 he actually says that he is symbolic of things to come.

This shows me that even when past sins come to mind and cause me duress and grief and guilt, I have the authority (in Christ) to reject the accusations, rebuke Satan, and claim the redressing from the Lord. I am as a burning stick snatched from the fire: charred with sin on one end and held by the Lord on the other.