If you have obstacles coming between you and God’s will for you, let’s get rid of them right now! If you know what they are, start by writing them down on a sheet of paper and then present them to Lord through prayer and commitment.

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for wanting to be in an intimate relationship with me. Thank you for all of the ways you show your love for me. Help me to get to know you better in the coming weeks because I honestly want to love you deeply and always be obedient to you.

I want what YOU want for me:
I want to become who you want me to be;
I want to be free of the false belief systems,
baggage and lies of the enemy that keep me from
growing deeper with you and receiving healing.
I want to let everything I do honor YOU.
I want to spend more time with you and really get to know you.

So, I submit these obstacles to you. They have formed a wall between you and me. (tear the card in half, as a symbolic act). In order to break down that wall, my commitment to you is to spend time with you knowing that you love me so much, to be obedient to your Word, and to believe what your Word says about me.

Father God, please give me courage and strength. Help me remove these obstacles and break down that wall! I want to hear your voice regularly.

And I’ll give you all the Glory!

In Jesus’ Powerful Name I pray,

If you prayed this prayer, and you go to New Heart, let a leader know!
Meanwhile, I am praying for you!