As I listened to the testimony of a friend, one of the most important things I heard was when he said he had unresolved places in his heart that he hadn’t given to the Lord. It appears to me that because of those unsubmitted areas, the devil already had his foot in the door when my friend became discouraged and disillusioned. That vulnerability allowed Satan to persuade him to walk away from a life of, and future in, ministry. That tells me how imperative it is to make sure we have ALL AREAS of our lives submitted to the Lord.

After processing this for a little while, I encouraged others to ask the Lord if there are any places or issues in their lives that they haven’t held out to Him. I asked them, “Is there anything you’re holding back?”

Then I started asking the Lord to reveal to me anything I need to submit to Him or open up to Him, thinking once I get the rest of my areas cleaned up, I’ll be good to go and won’t have to think about it again!


Through a process of prayer and figuring it out, I have come to the conclusion that “submitting all areas” of my life isn’t something I do once and then it’s done. This turns out to be a day to day thing!

As God reveals each unresolved issue, each unsubmitted area, each brick wall that stands between me and Him, I need to be ready to lift that issue, area, or wall to Him. When I do, He will be faithful to help me deal with it, let go of it, or tear it down…whatever the case may be. But if I hold back, I will allow a stronghold to form, and then when I am discouraged, disillusioned, afraid, hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, I will find myself vulnerable to the enemy’s will.

PREVENT POTENTIAL PRODIGALSM…be open and honest with the Father.

Give Him what He wants…EVERYTHING!