Exodus 3 & 4
God calls Moses to deliver His people from bondage in Egypt. Moses hesitated with many questions and “what-ifs.” God answered every question and made a way for every step of the way. God invested in Moses; He had a plan for his life from the very beginning of his life.

Then Exodus 4:24-25 tells where, after all this planning and investing and working with Moses to get him where He wanted him, God was ready to kill him for not circumcising his son! Moses’ wife Zipporah then circumcised their son, just in time to save Moses.

God may have a plan for your life and He may call you and make a way for you to do that which He called you to do, but if you are disobedient or lackadaisical or think your work for God is so important that you don’t have to remain steadfast or that it’s okay to be distracted by your work for the Lord, watch out! You’re lacking the fear of the Lord, just like Moses was!

If He was ready to kill Moses after such a lifelong investment, do you think you’re more important?

On the other hand, are you distracted by the false belief that your work is NOT so important? Maybe you are under the false assumption that it’s okay to be complacent or half-hearted, in your work?

Seriously, whose voice are you paying attention to? The voice that preaches “uber grace,” or the voice that demands holy, reverent, fear of the Lord in the form of obedience and love?
Time is short; the end is near!

Think about it:
Ready or not, God is moving forward!
Ready or not, the Holy Spirit is moving everywhere!
Ready or not, we are in the last days!
Ready or not, we are called and anointed.
We were born for such a time as this!


Today God is preparing us for tomorrow! Have you noticed?

What tools and truths do we need to have on board to survive and thrive in the last days? God is moving forward; the Holy Spirit is moving everywhere and we need to be dancing with Him, not getting out in “front” of Him, or lagging behind!

1. First things first, we need to remember the Source of our Salvation.

2. We need to be Un-distracted and Ready in circumstances, problems, celebrations, and grief!

3. And we need to recognize a distraction of the enemy when it presents itself!

4. And for a holy balance, we need rest – Holy Spirit led REST, or we will wear ourselves out DOING stuff for the Lord! Do what He says to do, when He says it, and then rest when he shows you the opportunity to “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some REST” (Mark 6:31b).

The Holy Fear of the Lord will help you in all of these areas! Holy Fear of the Lord will make you ready! Holy Fear of the Lord doesn’t Scare us away from God; just the opposite – it draws us closer to Him! And if we are closer to Him, we will remember where our help comes from. Stay focused and undistracted on Him, His heart, and His will; know when and how to Rest and when to stand firm; have abundant Courage to obey instantly; love Him so much these characteristics will become natural. Holy Fear of the Lord IS how to be Ready!

Are we soldiers in the end times? We will need these abilities and we are only going to nurture and learn and grow them if we are absolutely focused on him – If we’re Ready!

Ready or Not reminds me of the Ten Virgins – Five were ready and Five were not. (Are you ready?)

Ready or Not is saying God is moving whether we are or not. So, we need to be ready! Ready for when He says, “Go!” Ready for when He says, “Now!”

I’m praying for a Fearless Hunger for the Lord’s presence, and for an impartation of the Fire of the Holy Fear of God, and for true REST in the middle of the storm and STRENGTH in the middle of the work!