As family members, we watch as they continue to deny they have a problem and get closer and closer to destruction. We try to help them in all kinds of different ways:

· Rehab

· Financial help

· Medical care

· Emotional counseling

· Interventions

· Transitional Housing

It can become a vicious, expensive, and exhausting cycle where addicts find themselves near death or in jail before deciding it’s time to make a lifestyle change. You put up the money for Rehab and bail. After Rehab and counseling, transitional housing sounds like a good idea (and it is if the addict is truly ready).

Sometimes, however, the next thing you know, they return to their addiction—usually because of opportunity. Opportunity can come in the form of old “friends,” a little trust extended, and a little money in the pocket, along with triggers and temptations that make it impossible to “Just Say NO.” Denial sets in again, followed by entitlement. Over and over, this cycle continues, emptying the family members’ emotional and financial bank accounts and destroying relationships.

Is there hope?

Like similar programs, we can provide tools and knowledge, showing you how to avoid enabling, set boundaries, and recognize danger signals. Unlike other programs, we will share our hopes and prayers, standing with you in power and faith. Rather than focusing on the pain, we choose to focus on the Healer, Jesus Christ. 

Our hope is in the truth and promises of God’s Word:

“I will give you a new heart with new and right desires” | Ezekiel 36:26. 

We believe that a person can overcome addiction without religion but cannot receive complete healing and deliverance from the wrong desires (cravings, greed, or lust) without Jesus Christ. We rely on God for our strength to stand together in faith, fellowship and encouragement.

Join us and discover the truth that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Written by Sandy French