Why go to Women’s Issues…

Too many times children are brought up believing they are worthless, useless, throw-aways. Physical, verbal, and sexual abuse play a huge role in forming self-concepts and belief systems. Childhood and adult experiences combine to form who we are and how we react to each other and to God.

Today, women must deal with all sorts of fears, past traumas, self-esteem issues, and just general “baggage.” Some of that baggage comes from the pain and neglect of childhood verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Add that to our culture’s idea of perfection and beauty, and we have some serious baggage and false belief systems. How can we function?

Many turn to drugs or alcohol to medicate the pain and cover over the memories. Some find themselves looking for love in all the wrong places–moving from one romantic relationship to another. Many others fall into the trap of isolating and friendless, believing they have nothing to offer another human being. Self-abuse is another symptom of the pain. Depression, isolation, distrust, fear, shame, and anger serve only to either send us hopelessly down the wrong life path or paralyze us from the process. We need healing!

What Can We Do?

The New Heart Women’s Issues group is a Christ-centered group of women seeking Biblical Truth about ourselves, others, and God. We look to Him to provide the tools we need to start the healing process.

How Do We Do That?

To start with, we meet weekly to encourage each other and look to God’s Word for the answers. Understanding the truth of God’s Word and applying it to our lives is like applying soothing salve to a wound! 

Let’s find out together what God’s plan for you is and restore hope and life. You are valuable. You are worthwhile. You are loved, forgiven, and totally accepted.

Written by Sandy French